You have found the page that will give you many ideas on how to earn free money on the Internet. The free money ideas that are listed below include Alladvantage, Spedia, Epipo, UtopiAD and many more. All ideas are totally legal and in no way affiliated with gambling. By following these suggestions you will have no risk of losing money because you do not have to invest anything. The pages that follow will help you earn free money by having you fill out surveys, read e-mail, visit web pages, and even play video games on the web. This is no joke and I encourage you to read on. If you find the pages below useful please click on one of my advertisements at the bottom of the page or click one of the icons directly below to vote for my site. This will help me out greatly. Now let us get to how you can make free money

[IMPORTANT: I HAVE GOTTEN RID OF LINKS TO USELESS SITES THAT DONT MAKE YOU ANY MONEY! ONLY SITE THAT DO INDEED PAY & PAY WELL ARE LISTED NOW! [There are still some sites listed that are new and have yet to release a cashbar, this is noted in their description.] I recieve approx $500 per month total from these sites! Feel free to email me with any questions [link at bottom].].


I will begin with a small suggestion as to how you should get started making free money on the Internet. Below are ideas that you can (dare I say should) use to make free money. The best and easiest way to make free money is to do something that you already do. If you surf the Internet regularly you are already halfway there to making free money. I recommend that you sign up for all of the "pay as you surf" programs that are listed. Once you have signed up you should try to get as many referrals as possible. Tell your friends and relatives about the programs and have them sign up under you. This will give you a lot of money. Eventually you will find that some of these programs pay more than others and you should probably use these ones more often. I also suggest that you make your own web page. Just make it a personal homepage and put some banners on it. This will help you to get more referrals and make more money.



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AllAdvantage Concept: The concept of AllAdvantage is very simple. The company pays you money for every hour that you spend using Netscape or IE.

What You Get Free: This site pays you money. You will receive a check once a month whenever your account reaches $20.00.

How It Works: [I GET OVER $100 A MONTH FROM THEM! ITS GREAT!] This is the most polished, easiset to use one. VERY profitable if you refer others. Simply go to the AllAdvantage website by clicking on the link on this page. Once there you fill out a form that registers you in their database. They will ask you for your information such as name and e-mail address. After registering you will recieve an email informing you when your viewbar is ready. Once you download the viewbar, you are ready to make money. When you are on the Internet simply having the viewbar open at the bottom of the screen starts the money rolling. They will pay you $0.50 for every hour that you surf, up to a maximum of [40?] hours per month. There is also a referral program. This means that for every hour that a person you refer is on the Internet you get paid $0.10. You also get paid $0.05 per hour for every person that they refer and $0.05 per hour for every person that that person refers. It doesnt take long before you're making quite a bit of money just for having a little viewbar open.

Link to get you there:To register just simply click on the banner below.


UtopiAD Concept: This is another site that will pay you money for surfing the Internet. You download a copy of their advertising bar and when this is turned on you get paid money for surfing.

What You Get Free: This site pays you money. They pay you a percentage of their advertising revenue. You will receive a check every three months if your account is above $20.00.

How It Works: This site is great. The company pays you money for the time that you are on the Internet with their advertising bar turned on. The best thing about this program is that there is no limit to the amount of hours you can spend on the Internet in any period of time. This makes it possible to make a lot of money. You will receive 40% of the advertising revenue for all of the ads that you see. There is also a referral program. You will receive 10% of the revenue of all the ads that someone you refer sees. You will also see 5%, 2% and 1% of the revenue for the 3rd 4th and 5th people down the line. All you do is just follow the link on this page to go to the web page for this program. There you will simply register and give them some demographic information. When the bar is ready for download (first come first serve) they will e-mail you and you can then download it. You get credit for every hour your referrals are online even if you aren't!

Link to get you there: To sign up for this great program just click on the following banner.

Value Pay

 Value Pay Concept: This isanother payas you surf company. They have a very small ad bar that goes right on top of your browser. It takes up little space and you get paid for the time that the ad bar is active.

What You Get Free: This site pays you up to a $1.00 per hour for referalls alone! They pay you 50% of what they make off of the ads that you personally view. You are paid monthly when your account reaches $50.00.

How It Works: First you follow the link at the bottom to go to their site. Once there you fill out a sign up form and give them some information. That is all they need. When the view bar is ready you will receive an e-mail notifying you that you may download the bar. You are paid 50% of the money the company receives for you viewing the ads on your ad bar. There is also a referral program in which you earn 10% of the earnings for the first level of referrals, and 5% of the earnings for levels two through five. It appears to be one of the better surf for cash programs and I think you should join ASAP.

Link to get you there:To sign up for this program just click on the following banner.



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